#FermobPeople: we’re checking in to LOS ENAMORADOS

Hôtel Los Enamorados
103, Calle de Portinatx
07810 Portinatx, Ibiza, Spain

#FermobPeople: we’re checking in to LOS ENAMORADOS, the coolest spot on the island of Ibiza!

Nestled in truly idyllic landscapes and surrounded by sun, sea and sand, Los Enamorados is a VIP venue! So select, so smart, so different: just like his own hotel, #FERMOBPEOPLE Pierre welcomed us to his quirky, on-trend world! Be ready to be impressed: we were starry-eyed throughout our magical 4-day stay!

Pierre, hôtelier de Los Enamorados à Ibiza

An unusual hotel for extraordinary people

With its fantastic interior design and global influences, Los Enamorados offers the very latest take on trends and the hospitality industry! In the north of this beautiful island, this boutique hotel is home to a unique concept store in which everything is for sale! If Pierre had just two words to describe his hotel, he’d choose “different” and “inventive”!

Hôtel Los Enamorados à IbizaPierre, hôtelier de Los Enamorados à Ibiza

In terms of interior design, rooms are filled from floor to ceiling with the colours and materials of contemporary designs and vintage styles. Some pieces have a slightly bohemian style, others have a designer feel; most are unusual but they’re all part of a stylish, eclectic collection! And what’s more (and even better!), the hotel is home to plenty of Fermob furniture!

Hôtel Los Enamorados à IbizaPierre, hôtelier de Los Enamorados à Ibiza

For Pierre, Fermob style is all about having pieces where you want them and how you want them!

Fermob furniture certainly makes itself right at home in Pierre’s hotel. It fits in perfectly alongside signed artwork and original, unique pieces. Fermob furniture is everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, providing incredible comfort for everyone (including Pierre, who’s a firm believer in the importance of being comfortable!). Originally from Paris, Pierre first fell in love with Fermob furniture in the capital’s Luxembourg Gardens!

Hôtel Los Enamorados à IbizaHôtel Los Enamorados à Ibiza

The garden’s chairs, combining the practical with the pleasing, were the ultimate furniture for him; he associates them with the small joys of sitting down “with a book or taking a seat by a basketball court.” “These styles adapt to any contemporary or vintage setting. “I love the colours, the models, the incredible diversity and the ability to play with the surroundings, without having to own the entire collection.”

To be stylish, you need to be inspired!

If you ask Pierre (a Parisian through and through) why he chose Ibiza, he’ll explain that his first visits were just an opportunity “to explore the Balearics: I wanted to have a truly relaxing weekend before returning to Paris”. “The island’s simplicity, diversity, welcoming feel and climate” won him over. His hype yet hippy personality and his love of music did the rest. The island’s charm led to a dramatic decision: he decided to move to Ibiza. “Not as a hippy 2.0, but as someone who loves life and wants to enjoy and take care of this place.”

Hôtel Los Enamorados à IbizaHôtel Los Enamorados à Ibiza

Having fallen in love with a 400-year-old house with incredible potential, Pierre moved in and embarked on the adventure of creating Los Enamorados. What does he want? To leave a lasting impression, to make his mark.

Trends around the world

Hôtel Los Enamorados à IbizaHôtel Los Enamorados à Ibiza

With his tactical talent, forged by his past as a professional basketball player, and a passion for uncovering the latest trends, Pierre has become a kind of “intuitive aesthete” over the last ten years. Inspired by his very own muse, he’s developed his aesthetic style over time and on his travels.

With an eye for details which make all the difference and a focus on total harmony, he’s travelled all over the world in the last 10 years to find some incredibly surprising pieces which decorate this place by telling a story and creating an emotion.


With a surprising interior design and a surprising concept, this hotel stands out for the way in which it offers its guests a genuine way of life. The only rules? “No kids, no animals, no drugs and no Candy Crush addicts.” Los Enamorados has an on-trend, relaxed feel; guests are encouraged to “feel at home” in this friendly place, while forgetting about the stresses of everyday life. He likes guests “to spend their time in the northern bay, trying stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking or diving” rather than staring at their phones. If you’re wondering if this place is real, rest assured: it definitely exists!

In any case, we were thrilled to spend 4 days in this heavenly hotel; Pierre is an infinitely welcoming and generous host. (Thanks Pierre, we’ll be back!)

 We wish Los Enamorados every success: it’s no place for Candy Crush addicts, but it’s perfect if you love Fermob furniture!

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