Season 2 – Episode #3 – “Into the Wild” : News from our Album

Saison 2 – Episode #3
Into the Wild
Interview Aurélie et Joachim

Let’s set the scene… A remote hut in the wilderness of Manosque, between Lubéron and Verdon Gorge, where Aurélie and Joachim grow olives and cultivate joie de vivre. A pair of generous food-lovers who enjoy nothing more than family get-togethers around the dinner table. They invited the 2020 Album shoot team into their home – and into their world where flavour reigns supreme.

How did the shoot go?

I think it’ll go down in history as the hottest Fermob shoot on record. At one point, the mercury hit 47°C! It was the flowering season, and the olives were practically cooking on the trees. The team had to shoot outside early in the morning and late at night to avoid the worst of the heat. Shooting in full daylight was difficult because it was so hot. And our make-up kept running off our faces, which made things even harder! We love cooking, but we had to settle for pretty basic, uncomplicated food such as fresh fruit and vegetables drizzled with olive oil.

You invited the team into your hut. Can you tell us what it means to you?

We’re originally from Haute-Provence. After spending some time living in Brazil and Paris, we couldn’t resist the call of the south so we bought this hut in an olive grove. It’s our bolt-hole from the hustle and bustle of city life (Aurélie and Joachim live in Marseille during the week). Here, we can reconnect with nature and put things into perspective. You can’t help but feel humble when you stand before a hundred-year-old tree!

Aurélie, what appeals to you about growing olives?

Olives have always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember. We feel a real affinity for this region, and they’re part of the local DNA. Every family in and around Manosque has their own small olive grove. For me, harvesting the olives and making olive oil is very much akin to what Fermob does:  perpetuating time-served knowledge and taking pride in a job well done. It’s also a chance for us to step back from our busy lives and focus our minds on something else. And there’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your own labour!

Tell us about Aurélie and Joachim’s olive grove…

Our oil has a distinctive flavour of artichokes. It’s more flavourful and keeps for longer than older-type oils made with very dark and less powerful olives. Our 200 trees produce up to 300 litres of oil in a good year, but we only managed 30 litres last year because of the heatwave. Our output depends very much on the climate and the weather! We sell our oil locally, and we give a lot of it away too.

Can you give us some insights into your passion for cooking?

Good food and hospitality have been part of my life since childhood. My grandmother grew and prepared her own food. So for me, cooking brings back fond memories. My husband has learned how to cook too, and we work as a team. We’re both versatile and bring complementary skills to the table. Everything we eat is home-made, from praline pastries to tapenades and focaccia (see below or enclosed for Aurélie’s secret recipes!).

Hosting is synonymous with connecting and sharing special moments with people. The more the merrier!
Cooking is about getting the right ingredients in the right balance!

Did you know? Small-scale producers like Aurélie and Joachim account for 80% of French olive oil. And, according to Aurélie, consumers like you and I have a role to play in maintaining high standards. We are one of the links in the chain.








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