Public benches and street furniture: a universal language

Fermob street furniture welcomes hundreds of people every day at Bryant Park in New York

From social ties to a touch of design in the decor, street furniture has carved itself a prominent position in society. Inviting, welcoming, socializing, attractive: it does more for people than you might think!

A picnic bench, a kissing bench, a chair for chatting or a chilene … for chilling out: there’s no denying that public benches are far more than just decorative objects in the street, or a place to have a sit down. And nobody is missing out! They’re being cheerfully set up in towns around the world, rubbing shoulders with people of all generations, and from all walks of life, without any exceptions. You simply have to enjoy them! Simply, and unanimously.

Who would have thought that a piece of street furniture could bring town-dwellers together and become the focal point of habits that everyone shares? That’s what Fermob thinks, anyway, and that’s the message that all the #FERMOBPEOPLE sitting on this wild furniture all over the world are giving out! Because for those who don’t yet know it, Fermob’s DNA is made up of joie de vivre, for sure, but also of well-rooted values ​​such as the idea of ​​making the world ever more accessible … to others through sharing and the links that are created. So talking about public benches or street furniture is perfectly natural for Fermob.

Street furniture is also there to look good!

Although the design of street furniture adapts to the surrounding environments and helps to structure space, it is also there to create places that are easy and pleasant to live with, where it’s good just to walk around, stop and simply enjoy them. Benches, chairs, armchairs: street furniture is really useful in the public space it occupies.

Style et lifestyle internationally

No question of blending into the crowd, but rather of adding an attractive touch to the decor that’s specific to the place. This is the case with the Fermob street furniture in the business district of Marunouchi Street in Tokyo: the Bistro chairs have brought some cheerfulness into the place, and welcome anyone who wants to relax a little.

Street furniture also aims toliven up public spaces. A pretty big ambition, but one that bears fruit … or rather bears colours! In Mexico City, the Plaza Cibeles has no fewer than 250 Luxembourg and Bistro chairs in 4 stimulating shades, which brighten up this square and shout out joie de vivre!

And sometimes, this street furniture goes against the landscape, to the delight of passers-by: In Time Square, surrounded by people in a hurry, Fermob Origami benches and Bistro chairs wander in the open air to break up the rhythm of the city that never sleeps and deliver a simple message: Take a break ! And there are some who do! 😉

On your own, with family or friends, street furniture mixes business with pleasure. It sits there and mixes genres or affinities on a universal scale. For Fermob, that’s just what makes the difference, this desire to travel the world and bring people together… because you can never do enough of it!

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