FERMOB X KORALIE: a beautifully bright collaboration!

Limited Edition

With its colourful metallic furniture, Fermob, an expert in joie de vivre in the garden, ushered in a new era when the brand launched its very first portable lamp on the outdoor market in 2015! Ah, the Balad! This new lamp already boasts an action-packed history; now, it’s time for a new chapter in the hands of Koralie, a talented visual artist! Read the story of a successful collaboration which will inevitably lead to more… Fermob’s talented community: take note! 😉

The Balad lamp: a stunning portable lamp

This small but revolutionary lamp caused quite a stir when it was launched. That’s not surprising! As the first portable lamp in Fermob’s history, it was designed to live outside and to go with you, wherever you are! Featuring innovative technology which creates whatever lighting you’re looking for (warm or cold, 100% or 50% for a softer, more subdued effect) and a curved design, it very quickly became a must-have, leading to the creation of a wide-ranging collection. How many family meals has it lit up on long summer evenings? How many picnics at the beach has it witnessed? How many secrets has it overhead in country meadows?

Fermob and art: an intense love story

Fermob has always loved working with creators who share the brand’s DNA. This year, the brand invited the artist Koralie to be part of a unique collaboration: combining the Balad’s design, created by the designer Tristan Lohner, with Koralie’s artistic world. When the brand contacted her, this artist was flattered. “We share the same values and the same mindset. Authenticity + French creation + the world of design = plenty of similarities between Fermob and me: a perfect match! ”

The Balad is an inspiring piece because it provides a vast area for expression with its sleek, simple design. Ideas for “adorning” the Balad lamp came almost naturally to me. I really liked its nomadic indoor/outdoor feel, the way it can be put down or hung and its timelessness.

Carte blanche for Koralie

As a brand which believes in nurturing talent, Fermob gave Koralie free rein when it came to creating 2 versions of the H25 Balad lamp. The artist explored two very different options: a colourful version, inspired by plants, and an Art Déco model with graphic monochrome patterns. A single step in the creation process: a moodboard to present Fermob with a few shapes, inspired by Koralie’s unique visual language.


An irresistible limited edition!

Our community was invited to choose between the two versions. Our Fermobpeople voted: they preferred the plant-inspired “Balad Vegetal” which resulted in a limited edition featuring a silkscreen print. “An incredible fan of phyllotaxis*”, Koralie decorated it with patterns inspired by the perfection of nature. The incredible sophistication of the plant order fascinates her: “I spend more time admiring Romanesco broccoli or a pineapple than I do cooking them!” she says.😉

I like the idea of the Balad’s different lighting settings; my favourite is the setting which recreates the temperature and the intensity of candlelight.

Well, this summer, the “Balad Vegetal” will create an intimate atmosphere (although that’s not all) on warm evenings for the happy few who snap up this limited edition. This lamp pays tribute to nature: we hope it has a bright future and that it’ll be copied over and over again. Thank you Koralie!

Portrait of a unique urban artist

From her beginnings in street art, as one of the only French women to create graffiti, to her move to the Basque coast to be closer to nature, Koralie’s career has also taken her to Paris and New York. The long periods she spent there inspired the shapes of her unique pictorial language: ethnic-inspired patterns from different countries (Koralie says she is a real fan of folklore and handicrafts), architectural elements (from her studies in this area) and animist rituals, both traditional and contemporary. She compiles all these elements into astonishing kaleidoscopic roses and multicultural palm trees.

Her style is also unique, because she mixes up the media and the materials she uses: paintings on canvas or murals (sometimes using stencils), wood sculptures and weaving, vector art, installations, videos and more. Her artwork is exceptionally elegant!

Discover Koralie on : koralie.com


Click on the picture to download and print the pattern. 

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