A Jésus Sauvage and Fermob collab? Oh. My. God!

“For me, Fermob is all about furniture that’s inspired by people – furniture you can live with for life.”

Here at Fermob, we pour unbridled joie de vivre into each and every one of our collections, and even into our catalogues. So you might say we’ve found our alter ego! Jésus Sauvage – an influencer and image-maker, in case you haven’t heard of her – and is one of our behind-the-scenes #FERMOBPEOPLE. She helped us put together our interior design catalogue, showcasing our lamps and accessories. And, you have to admit, our furniture looks as happy as Larry.

Here we take an in-depth look at our incredible partnership with a talented lady – and an intriguing personality.

Enjoying outdoor

Jésus Sauvage adorns outdoor spaces and rips up the rulebook with Fermob furniture. She’s a talented young woman with a keen eye for colour and a provocative, quirky style – always executed with the utmost elegance. We spent two days in her garden – a heady mixture of crazy, off-beat, inspired yet understated creativity and a dash of professionalism – for a photo shoot and plenty of laughs to boot.

But before we go any further, let’s answer the question that everyone’s asking: where did she get her name? If you ask Sandra (her real name) where “Jésus Sauvage” came from, she’ll tell you she was also known as “Jésus” at home when she was young. “Sauvage”, meanwhile, is French for “wild” – which also happens to be the name of her husband’s company. Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dig into the detail.

Set design… What ?

So what does Jésus Sauvage actually do? Well we asked her, and here’s what she said: “I stage objects, match colours, design sets that tell a story. Sometimes I go for a realistic look. Other times, I let my creativity run free. It’s exciting work. Nothing ever stays the same.

Image maker. Child’s play?

What’s the best thing about her job? “I get to have fun. I live in a multifaceted world filled with colour, craziness and children’s laughter.

What’s inspiring her right now? Everything to do with children, especially little ones. “There’s so much freedom and possibility in interior design for kids. It’s all so fresh, so colourful, so vibrant. And it’s so much fun. I’m trying to carry a bit of that magic over into the grown-up world.” Her interest in children comes as no surprise, given that she has her own merry band of three boys, with the youngest exactly two years old.

What side of her work does she enjoy the most? “Set design.” She lets us into a little secret: when there’s a photographer behind the lens, she’ll happily leave them to do the camera work and focus on her side of things – on setting the scene.

But we had another question: what’s the secret to making a great image? “There’s no rulebook, no magic recipe for designing a successful set,” she says. “The trick is to keep things as natural as possible. That way, you won’t go far wrong.

Femob and Jésus Sauvage: a match made in heaven!

She’s so effusive about Fermob furniture that it’s almost enough to make us blush. When someone with an expert eye is so complimentary about you, it’s worth shouting about. But one thing’s for sure: we’re lucky to have found each other.

For me, Fermob is all about furniture that’s inspired by people – furniture you can live with for life. It might be discreet, but it’s always useful and practical. I’m a big fan of understated, visually striking, timeless design. My tastes are shifting in that direction. These are pieces you’ll want to keep with you for many years to come. Not just because of their quality, but because they’re a mix of genres, materials and colours. It works wonders.

What’s her favourite piece from the collection? She stops to think for a moment (naturally!) but settles on the lamps. “They’re useful, practical, and really cleverly designed.” As for her favourite colour, “it has to be the new Acapulco Blue” (no surprise there either, since it’s as bright as her ideas).

What I really love about Fermob is the sheer variety of colours,” she adds. “The creative possibilities are limitless.” We couldn’t agree more. Here’s hoping we’ll have many more inspired moments (and successful collaborations) with Jésus Sauvage – in another place, at another time, behind the scenes or front of stage. All that remains is to thank her for being such a great host – and for her expert eye and her own unbridled joie de vivre.

Fermob et Jesus Sauvage

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