2019 Milan Furniture Fair: design trends and inspirations

The Milan Furniture Fair, known as the Salone del Mobile, took place from April 9 to 14, 2019.
Here we will present some highlights of the event which featured a plethora of new and innovative designs.

Every year, the month of April heralds not only the beginning of spring, but also the greatest design summit in the world:  the Milan Furniture Fair. From April 9 to 14, more than 385, 000 industry professionals from 180 different countries flocked to Italy for a preview the new collections of the greatest names in contemporary furniture and to discover the hottest up-and-coming young designers.  

This year, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate!  No sun or Italian ice cream, but the richness of the exhibits and the new products that were launched almost made up for the bad weather.

So put on a comfortable pair of shoes and let the Fermob Design Studio be your guide as we take you through the massive exhibit area to sniff out the design trends and innovations of the year!

Embracing the potential of recycled plastic

Although it’s difficult to compete with metal furniture when it comes to recycling (steel is the most recycled product in the world), recycled plastic has (finally) made an appearance at the stands: discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles and other waste products were transformed into beautiful recycled furniture, ready to live a second life.  And this is only the beginning!


Power at your fingertips

No more flashing light telling you your battery is low! From now on, tables, sofas and even lamps can recharge your devices from built-in electric outlets.  Convenient and clever!


Convivial spaces conducive to social interaction

Tables curve or are extendable, sofas are set close together and circles are formed to create informal conversation areas where ideas flow freely.  People can gather together to discuss, share stories and philosophize in good company.

What’s old is new again (with the stroke of a pen)

Furniture designed  20, 30 even 60 years ago by the great names in the industry have made a return  in the new collections and they don’t show their age at all.  Bold and quirky, but timeless and already iconic!
The proof:  the Face à face writing desk designed by Pascal Mourgue in 1986 has made a great comeback at Fermob and it’s more relevant than ever.

« Face à Face » Writing Desk, Fermob

Warm tones, soft fabrics, gentle curves

Color palettes and shades are combined to create inviting atmospheres.  Soft materials adorn furniture featuring rounded and welcoming silhouettes.
A touch of contrast or lighting creates a balance and adds character.


Euroluce, light in all its forms

Every two years, the Euroluce international light exhibition brings together lighting design specialists from all over the world.  This year, they dazzled us with their sculptural, ingenious, poetic, nomadic and/or high-tech collections… A wide array of super-creative lighting designs was showcased.

A table that lights up

Who said that a table is just for holding objects?  Hybrid side tables that also serve as lamps have more than one trick up their sleeve.  Practical, beautiful and illuminated:  a special atmosphere guaranteed!


An outline in the space

A real innovation for 2019: light fixtures with slender lines that form veritable illuminated drawings.  At times taut and geometric, at times flexible and fluid, they define and fill the space.

A word from Eric Bibard, Design Manager at Fermob

« Each year, our design team meets in Milan for a few days during Design Week to attend the unmissable Furniture Fair.  This important event provides us with a creative boost and an overdose of designs, innovations, styles and trends in order to keep us connected with the world and its diversities.  For us, these visits represent a true lesson in humility and have an incredible energizing and motivating effect.  Inspired by this experience, and with our heads full of dreams and desires, we pick up our pencils and begin, once again, to create…»

The teams from the Fermob Design Studio

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