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Fermob pieces can be used both inside and outside, and the color palette offers a wonderful array of choices.” – VIRGINIE

Who’s hiding behind Mes Petites Paillettes?

Virginie, 38 years old, a Parisian transplant to Auvergne, who made her move ten years ago. By day, I’m a digital manager for a French banking company, but during evenings and weekends, I’m a storyteller and photographer on my blog, www.mespetitespaillettes.com. I also help brands and designers develop their digital strategies for social media.
My Petites Paillettes will soon celebrate its 5th birthday! My intent is to share my favorite lifestyle discoveries: decor, travel, cooking and little scenes of everyday life through my photographs. It’s everything I love! Spontenaity, discovery and sincerity are always on the menu!

My favorite subjects:

An appetite for pretty things, the art of living and interior design were things passed down to me from my mother, who would take me to the local flea markets every Sunday. I am very tuned in to everything around me as well as the little things people convey to me every day. I love everything that’s refined and that speaks to either the past or the future. And, above all, through Mes Petites Paillettes, I appreciate all the people I’ve met who follow me and who appreciate this wonderful adventure. I especially love visiting other big cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and New York…even though Paris is still my favorite!
I often find myself missing the countryside when the weekend comes, so I try to recreate my childhood setting by picking up a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers, and I bake my special vanilla madeleines to enjoy during tea-time!

Why a collaboration with Fermob?

Fermob is a brand I have loved for years, whose pieces I already have on my balcony.
I closely follow the evolution and style of the brand, and I’m a believer in their innovations, like the timeless pieces in the Luxembourg collection.
What’s more, the pieces can be used both inside and outside, and the color palette offers a wonderful array of choices. Innovations like the Balad lamp have me swooning, and have come to enhance my decor.
I’m so proud to be an ambassador of such a great brand that also happens to be made in France.

Discover her bloghttp://www.mespetitespaillettes.com/
And her Instagram accounthttps://www.instagram.com/mespetitespaillettes/

Her Fermob selection:

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