Spindler: the art of living and a work of art too.

SPINDLER Restaurant
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43
10999 Berlin – Germany
Tel : +49 (0)30 695 988 80


In 2014, Frank Spindler and the designer Karolina Preis, the Berliners behind several of the city’s restaurants and clubs, created a brasserie with a French feel which stands out with its singular vision of greatness!

Although you might not be able to work out how to transform a very old industrial building into a temple of haute cuisine and design, Frank and Karolina knew just what to do.

Whereas we might just see an old building from 1901, the two entrepreneurs saw incredible possibilities.

They revamped the place, renovating and reviving it to create “the ultimate place to eat” which serves French bistronomy dishes for every meal.

Karolina Preis and Frank Spindler
photo credits : Klaus Lange

At Spindler,the gorgeous goes hand-in-hand with the great

Gorgeous décor, great tasting and fresh ingredients in home-made dishes and sauces which simmer for hours: this clever combination has led to Spindler becoming one of the best restaurants in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district.

We eat with our eyes first. For that to be possible, the aesthetic appeal of the space in which we take the time to enjoy a meal is as important as the food itself. For Frank and Karolina, it’s all about beautiful pieces, attention to detail and the feeling that you get when you walk through the door to the restaurant.

And the ambiance? The two aesthetes have a very specific idea of the impression they want this place to create. Whitewashed brick walls, custom-made panelling, a solid walnut bar made from an old stash of wood, hand-made tables and materials which have developed a gorgeous patina over time: at Spindler, the scene is set with an authentic ambiance and an art deco twist.

A cosy atmosphere with soft lighting and items from all over the world: from old lamps, bought in a second-hand store in Los Angeles, to the Moroccan tiles in the toilets, every detail counts and helps to make Spindler a place where everyone feels comfortable.

photo credits : Karolina Preis

Even out on the terrace.

In summer, it’s full to bursting for every meal! In the middle of the patio, Fermob’s 1900 and Bistro collections in poppy red add real joie de vivre, alongside some beautiful plants. It’s beautifully comfortable, the perfect waterfront venue from which to admire the surrounding area while enjoying a meal. Want to know what the designer and manager of this restaurant love? The quality and elegance of Fermob furniture. For Frank and Karolina, “Fermob furniture is the ultimate outdoor furniture”.

Gorgeous, great and, above all, a restaurant which makes life better for neighbours, friends, business travellers and tourists: with its #Fermobpeople spirit through and through, Spindler welcomes anyone and everyone – although if you want a seat on the terrace, you’ll need to book weeks in advance!

photo credits : Klaus Lange

In any case, here at Fermob, we want to thank the whole team for the joie de vivre which Spindler shares with Berlin’s residents and visitors every day!

See you soon on its terraces!

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