Green decor: plants in vogue

Focus on green trends. Monstera, succulents, cactuses, pilea and the “string of pearls plant”: check out these plants that are running amok on social networks and our indoor spaces.

(Plants: Kentia, Fittonia, Succulentes, Calathea and Monstera – Balad Lamps and Cocotte low stool)


Graphic plants

The graphic trend is everywhere: in interior designfashion and even in the world of plants. With its stripes, geometric shapes and repetitive patterns this trend provides energy and brings real character to our spaces.
But if you’re worried about getting tired of diamond pattern wallpaper or a checkerboard rug, green plants are a good compromise! Among the trendiest plants for this purpose are calatheamarantafittonia and caladium.

(Plant: Calathea ornataKintbury chair)



Cactuses have also been invading the decorative scene in recent years. So much so that we at Fermob have named a colour  after them.
This year too they continue to populate our interiors.
We adore them in all their forms: as a framed photo on the wall, as a pattern, in colour and of course, in their plant version!
What’s so great about them? They are easy to look after! So if gardening isn’t your thing, you’ve no excuse!

(Plant: Parodia magnifica – Balad Lamp and Cocotte low stool)



Also called « Chinese money plant »pilea has attractive water lily shaped leaves. It’s THE star on Instagram and Pinterest: ultra-trendy, easy to look after and very graphic. It finds its way into all interior design pictures! Already a victim of its own success, it’s getting quite difficult to find.
Although it already shines on social networks, pilea needs a lot of light and regular watering (about twice a week).

(Pilea peperomiodes: try saying it very quickly with marshmallows in your mouth. Go on, have a go: it’s dead funny!)



Succulents a trend that is absolutely… succulent! There is something for everyone: small, round, green, colourful, with flowers, … they sneak in everywhere! In coffee cups (as here), baking tins, jars and terrariums, for example.
They can adapt to any type of environment and are very easy to care for (just need watering once a month: you can’t say fairer than that!).

(Plant: Echeveria – Cocotte low stool)

(Plant: Echeveria – Balad Lamp and Cocotte low stool)



This year, there’s NO WAY you can miss out on Monstera (aka “false breadfruit”). This very generous plant, with its beautifully cut-out leaves, stands out and sets the tone: a 100% tropical ambience and monstrously jungle-istic!

(Plant: Monstera deliciosa – Balad lamp)



We especially like its poetic looks, its sweetness, delicacy and subtle perfume… the eucalyptus is at its best in winter!
You can find them easily (and very cheaply) during the festive season. To dry it and make the most of its virtues, tie a bouquet of eucalyptus with a string, with its head facing downwards!

(Plant: Eucalyptus – Salsa pedestal table)


Hanging plants

Or how to combine space saving and appearanceHanging plants have also become quite the thing for 2017/2018. Hanging from walls or ceilings, they can highlight small spaces with style.
They also look good in very tall pots, for a touch of elegance!

(We absolutely LOVE
 Rowley’s groundsel or “string of pearls »)

Couldn’t you fall for these adorable plants to create your indoor jungle?


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