Patrick Jouin: a creative designer making happy furniture

Designer Patrick Jouin with Bernard Reybier, CEO of Fermob

Yes, it’s true: #FERMOBPEOPLE are everywhere. People from all walks of life, treading different paths, working in every sector and industry. There are some #FERMOBPEOPLE who don’t lurk in the shadows. People behind the outdoor furniture we love. Yet exciting collaborations, with passion in spades, don’t just happen like that. It’s all about getting the right match: like-minded creative people working in perfect symbiosis. In this article, we take a peek behind the scenes of a little corner of the interior design world with Patrick Jouin. Patrick is one of our People. A designer with an open mind and boundless creativity, Patrick’s been working with us for more than 20 years, designing collections that are smart and head-turning in equal measure. Here, we dive into the world of a designer with a brilliant mind and a golden touch.

Patrick Jouin, designer

A man of many talents

Patrick Jouin’s creativity – spanning everything from industrial design to art deco – is known around the world. His talented work, or rather works, hold pride of place in the permanent collections of numerous museums across the globe. Known for his understated, pared-down style, Patrick loves nothing more than playing with light and space. Light and shade are his playground, textured contrasts his materials.

Some creations made by Patrick Jouin

3D ideas and augmented creativity

Patrick is never short on inspiration and resources. And that’s because he strikes just the right balance between two extremes: industrial pragmatism in his products, and unbridled imagination in his design. That knack for balance, for treading the fine line between harmony, aesthetics and functionality, is what drives him to set the bar ever higher.

He’s a down-to-earth person blessed with sky-high creativity and a knack for marshalling two contrasting worlds – people and objects – to produce something totally unexpected. Patrick combined his brilliant mind with cutting-edge technology to produce the very first collection of life-size 3D-printed furniture. Design aficionados are naturally drawn into his eye-catching world, where there’s always a surprise around every corner. He’s amassed a huge following over the years, and worked with big names like Ducasse, Cassina and Kartell – and, since 1997, Fermob.

C2 Solid Chair, the first ladder 1 chair made thanks to 3d printing by Patrick Jouin

Fermob and Patrick Jouin, the best of both worlds

Fermob and Patrick Jouin is the perfect match: the same vision of design, and the same penchant for pieces that are light and bursting with joie de vivre. He designed his first piece for Fermob in 1998, in the form of Facto: a single-material outdoor chair with a modern, ultra-simple look. Next came Kate, the perfect blend of comfort and appeal with its gentle, voluptuous curves, shell backrest that hugs the body, and impeccably precise perforations. Because it’s only one small step from tailor-made to high fashion.

Patrick’s stylish designs bring a touch of elegance to resolutely functional pieces. But beyond that, they somehow exude a sense of liberty. And, as is the artist’s lot, he’s never happy to rest on his laurels, pushing the boundaries with every new piece. So whenever he designs a new collection for us, we’re left wondering how someone can be blessed with apparently boundless talent – and what he’ll do to surprise us next.

Creations by Patrick Jouin for Fermob

All that remains is to thank Patrick for this unique partnership, and for sharing in our creative adventure.

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