Our shopping list for consuming in an environmentally friendly way

For many years, producing in an environmentally friendly way has been a constant concern for Fermob. Distributing products that are good for you and for the planet is in line with this preoccupation … Check them out… We are sharing them just with you, Fermobpeople…

Some gems for consuming in an environmentally friendly yet decorative way

The guiding light of the Fermobpeople community is to share (our tips, tricks and favourites, and yours too)! Today, as Fermob is a brand that has long been committed to protecting the environment, this will be our shopping list for environmentally friendly, trendy consumption, in all circumstances! Visit the Fermob Paris Raspail and Ledru stores to get your hands on some…

Environmentally friendly AND decorative products!

For your cocktails in the garden, barbecues, birthdays and outdoor picnics, say goodbye to your disposable dishes! Replace them with….

1. Bam Bam straws, made of bamboo from sustainably managed forests. They are reusable and 100% natural . To sip your summer cocktails with peace of mind!

2. Delightful plates and mugs, made of bamboo fibre. The brand &Klevering has been working with two artists, Anouk Kramer, a ceramist and Yvette van Boven, a Danish chef. Put these together and what do you get? Colourful, cheerful tableware, just like Fermob furniture, set off by primary-coloured motifs reminiscent of paintings by Matisse, or decorated with stylized vegetables. Machine washable tableware: so eco-friendly!

3. organic plastic cutlery by Koziol: a clip-on set, with a catchy name: Klikk! An intricate piece of work by London designer Cairn Young, inspired by the Japanese who know how to perfectly interlock pieces of wood, without ever drilling or nailing them.

4. Soup plates, with a very original and stylish folded finish, by Koziol. Or when organic plastic goes chic….

5. A silicone placemat for children by Superpetit, to colour and take with you everywhere, for their meals or to keep them busy in the doctor’s waiting room! The 5 washable, non-toxic felt pens are provided.

6. Exit plastic cutlery and enter the BAM BAM bamboo meal kit by COOKUT, to slip into your bag! Ideal for lunch at your desk or a picnic to get some fresh air.

7. And to carry all this and much more: the prettily-named Sacha folding bag made of natural cotton by COOKUT. Made of netting, its retro look gives a great effect!

8. And, last but not least…, for your home, get COOKUT brand Cofi washable coffee filters made of untreated cotton.

Our BIG favourite is NAHTIK, the eco-chic toothbrush











NAHTIK, the brand named after of a Pacific island recently smothered in plastic waste, was born out of a beautiful family history. In the Reybier family, I would like the mother, Valérie, in charge of the project, the father, Jean-Christophe, the daughter, Jeanne, and the son, Victor.

“As a former corporate lawyer, I had the idea of creating NAHTIK to set out on a new adventure and make my contribution to ecology. Plastic pollution is a real plague that we must fight. Each year, 5 billion toothbrushes sold worldwide, are mostly dumped without being recycled and end up on the sea bed. I wanted to offer an alternative to plastic but I wanted this alternative to also be attractive: That was how NAHTIK started.  Of course, fighting plastic pollution with your toothbrush will not solve the problem, but it’s a start! Because there is no such thing as a small gesture when many people are making them”. 

Bamboo has all the qualities to advantageously replace the plastic used in toothbrushes: it is natural, biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial and can be composted. And in order not to deprive pandas of their favourite food, NAHTIK uses the only species they don’t eat.

Terribly attractive with its sculpted handle with different 3 patterns, this recyclable toothbrush comes in 5 colours, including a model for children. It is also available by subscription: for 25 euros, you get a new toothbrush in the post every three months.

Have you changed any of your habits? What are your tips for sustainable consumption?

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