How to pamper your garden furniture this winter ?

Today, we would like to share some very quick, simple tips to protect your tables, chairs, sunloungers and other outdoor furniture!

It is autumn: the time of year to go for a walk in the wood. It’s time to protect your furniture for the winter. So follow the guide!

Before storing your furniture, clean it with a suitable product:

Start by cleaning your metal furniture with clean or soapy water. Wipe it carefully to prevent limescale marks.

If there are any ingrained stains or dirt, spray a little cleaner on the surface (aluminium, steel, outdoor canvas, or woven resin). Be sure to use a mild cleanser and avoid detergents.

Rub lightly with a damp sponge. Avoid abrasive or metallic sponges 😊.

All you have to do is rinse and you’re done!


Find out more:

Check out the multi-purpose cleaner suitable for all Fermob furniture. You’ll also find it useful in the home for dusting, removing bird droppings, food stains or rain marks on windows!


If you leave your furniture outside all winter, remember to:

Tilt your tables using wedges to help water to run off and limit dirt and scale deposits. It’s also advisable to rest your seats against the tables and not turn them upside down on the tables.

Stack your sunloungers

. Bring in your cushions and protect your chairs and sofas with our covers – nothing else – as they will allow air to circulate. Don’t cover them with a tarpaulin or plastic sheet and avoid prolonged contact with any object that might retain water and moisture.

Now your furniture will be clean and protected until the fine weather comes back.

You can now go and curl up by the fire! 😊

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