Flower power

Say yes to flower power!

Let’s celebrate the good weather, and with it, all the flowers that appear! There’s no better time to try out some botanical art. A journey in the footsteps of Franck and Aude, who carry out this practice in their orange grove in the south of Ardèche, “picking what is fragile and harvesting what is beautiful”.
Today, Fermob has gathered some tips on how to match the colours of your furniture, organise your dining space and create a 100% natural look.
Say yes to the wonderful power of flowers – and all plants!

A colour palette composed of green tones

To highlight the beauty of nature, opt for soft-coloured furniture: hues of green (Rosemary, Cactus, Willow Green) seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. Then, add some touches of bright colour (Capucine, Frosted Lemon, Cotton White) to bring out the green tones and to brighten up the set – much like little coloured flowers that brighten a lush green backdrop.

A design that blends with nature

The BIARRITZ table with extensions adapts to your number of guests, be it small or large gatherings! Thanks to its timeless look, easily combine it with all Fermob chairs! There are endless options to explore… But in a charming place like the orange grove, where romanticism and floral art are abound, the sleek Kintbury chair and the Flower armchair, with its pretty flower-shaped perforations, were the obvious choice!

BASKET and TERRAZZA planters

Enhance your outdoor spaces thanks to greenery. Revamp your outdoor spaces by adding plants, and display them beautifully with BASKET and TERRAZZA planters. Thanks to their clean lines, these elegant planters with legs add depth and a very decorative touch to your balconies, terraces and gardens. They also make perfect separators! Section your outdoor spaces thanks to islands of greenery: a dining space over here, a lounge space over there.

For a very decorative effect, create cascades or rows with your planters! And for an outdoor space that’s green all year long, choose some plants that flower at different times of the year, to which you can add a few evergreen shrubs. The hardest part will be choosing between the Basket and Terrazza planters.

“Enjoy the beauty of nature and the diversity of flowers that each season has to offer. As flowers blossom, so does inspiration. Dive into the world of floral art! ”