FERMOBWEEK and outdoor trends for 2019: Fermob’s fashionable week!

FermobWeek was held in 11 countries and in nearly 75 venues, including independent and brand name garden centers, furniture stores and Fermob partners!

The ultimate event for fans of the outdoors was held from March 16 to 24: FermobWeek. A non-stop show which caused a real stir, thanks to all the latest trends on the catwalk. As anyone who was there will tell you, it was incredibly impressive! An event to share creative ideas for gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces! What’s more, it was perfect for professionals and individuals looking for inspiration.

“RBC”  Montpellier

One week, one FermobWeek

A week of new products and gifts, tailor-made design tips, private evening events and outdoor ideas: eight days packed with joie de vivre.

FermobWeek was held in 11 countries and in nearly 75 venues, including independent and brand name garden centers, furniture stores and Fermob partners! The result? Thousands of inspiring square meters to be enjoyed by individuals and outdoor professionals over 8 days, with 30 unique events in France and around Europe. There were plenty of visitors and even more new products: difficult to know where to begin!

Gudewer – Germany

Key new products for outdoor stars.

In the mood for a rustic dining setting, timeless joy or just a feeling of well-being? We had a great time by the Lorette collection, alongside the iconic 4-petal flower: a real picnic feel! We continued strolling around and quickly fell in love with the Cadiz collection, perfect for socialising in total comfort: it’s all about living it up in the garden! And of course, we enjoyed incredible outdoor evening events, featuring lights and accessories that are both pretty and practical: the new Mooon! is here and my, hasn’t it grown? It’s now available in a new height of 134cm!

Slightly further on, crowds gathered around the Bebop, a multi-use low table with an indoor/outdoor twist. It can also be transformed into a side table or a bedside table, if that’s what you’re looking for. The intriguing Bebop sparked plenty of questions from those attending FermobWeek: “but how does its table top stay in place?!”. That’s the magic of Tristan Lohner’s design at work. We’ve all got our secrets and we’re not going to give them away!

2 more colours have been added to Fermob’s palette and were presented at FermobWeek: impressive stuff!

Fermob reinvents color every year, updating its color charts for that touch of joie de vivre, but the results are always surprising! When it comes to trends for 2019, it’s all about hot and cold and nothing in between!

First to be unveiled, a flamboyant color with a decidedly spicy feel: Red Ochre.

The new Acapulco Blue shade, meanwhile, plays around subtly with light. Intense yet fresh, it’s a sublime shade for indoor or outdoor use: traditional garden colors are sure to fade in to the background by comparison!

New products and trends, merged together to create new ideas, an event with something for everyone, including plenty of inspiration: in short, a good time was had by all. FERMOBWEEK 2019: mission accomplished! Thanks to the entire Fermob network and our partners for welcoming us and taking part!

“Architruc & Baltaz’art” – Béziers

We hope to see even more of you next year!

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