Limited edition

FERMOB x MELLEMIMIJOLIE: A lush collection in a strictly limited edition

Take two nature-lovers: one a brand, the other a designer. Put them together and what do you get? A lush collection that’s bang on trend at a time when greenery is becoming a staple feature of indoor spaces. After all, who among us doesn’t have a plant or two in the corner of our lounge? What’s more, leaves, fruits and flowers are the must-have decorative craze of the moment, appearing on fixtures, fittings and accessories of every type – from sofas and wallpaper to cushions and ornaments. It’s a trend that’s putting us back in touch with nature and bringing beauty and gentle relaxation to our everyday lives. That’s why the limited-edition Fermob x Mellemimijolie collection couldn’t be more apt. Get a sneak preview of the story behind it!

Fermob opened my eyes to a new avenue of creativity, letting me tell a story – the story of our return to nature


Fermob and collabs

At Fermob, the brand known for its expertise in furniture-making, we simply love working with like-minded artists from all walks of life – and using our industrial know-how to turn creative ideas into reality. Because being open-minded to other design influences, and harnessing the mutually enriching power of collaboration, is an immensely rewarding experience. First, we teamed up with Koralie, who successfully revisited our famous Balad lamp. This time around, we invited textile and graphic designer Mellemimijolie – real name Sandrine Djellil – to develop a limited edition on the theme of winter gardens to supplement the brand’s furniture, lighting and accessory collections.


A natural collab, in every sense

Cocotte occasional tables with tops adorned with cut-out leaves. Monstera and Lady Jane trivets named after the stylised plants that inspired the designer. There’s only one word to describe them: lush! This collab is all about bringing nature into the home, with appealing colours – Anthracite, Cedar Green, Red Ochre and Chili – that add a touch of warmth to your cosy space.

Plants, flowers and vegetation in general speak to the resplendent elegance of nature. There’s nothing more delicate than a leaf – a structure of infinite detail that’s open to endless interpretations


Mellemimijolie and Fermob: second nature!

Mellemimijolie’s creative identity is founded on the values that Fermob holds dear: colour, nature and joie de vivre. It was those qualities that brought her to our attention on Instagram.

My influences – colour, poetry and greenery – were a great fit with Fermob. We shared the same penchant for freshness and fun.

“It was inspiring to collaborate with a French brand that has solid green and eco-design credentials. I’d worked on designs for stationery, candles and textiles before, but this was my first foray into the world of furniture. The idea was to turn everyday objects into something different – with elegant, illustrated designs and custom patterns. My brief was to revisit the tops of the Cocotte tables using silkscreen-printed blocks of colour and to design eye-catching trivets for meals and get-togethers. Other than that, Fermob gave me complete creative freedom. It wasn’t your usual collab, though. It all happened under lockdown, so we never met in person. We worked from home, via our screens, with our children playing around us. It all went remarkably smoothly in the circumstances!”

If you share our passion for gentler interiors that reflect who you are and procure a sense of well-being – especially since we’re all spending more time at home right now – 😉then look no further than the Mellemimijolie limited-edition collection. Because when a collab produces something this good, it’d be a shame to miss out! And with Christmas just around the corner, these pieces are the ideal ready-made gifts.

I find inspiration all around me. I’ve been collecting postcards, and copies of Glamour and Vogue magazine, for years. And I’m a huge fan of sketchbooks and art books.