Candlemas in living color with “Rainbow Crepes”

We’ve already told you that we’re very in tune with color at Fermob, haven’t we? Definitely!
Have we told you the we were also foodies? Of course!
So you won’t be surprised if we told you that we can’t wait for Candlemas!!!
What’s more fun than colored crepes to surprise your guests and entertain the kids?!
The trick is simple: just pour the crepe batter into several bowls, and add a few drops of food coloring! Red, blue and yellow, and if you mix the colors, you’ll have purple, green and orange… The more drops you add, the more intense your colors will be! And conversely, the fewer drops you add, the lighter your colors will be.

Crêpes rainbow / Arc-en-cielCrêpes rainbow / Arc-en-cielCrêpes rainbow / Arc-en-ciel Crêpes rainbow / Arc-en-ciel Crêpes rainbow / Arc-en-ciel Crêpes rainbow / Arc-en-ciel

To push the concept of “Rainbow Crepes” to the extreme, get creative with colors by having:
– colorful accompaniments: redcurrant, strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, orange and lemon jams…
– colorful beverages: orange juice, mint and strawberry syrups…
– colorful decor: paper napkins, cardboard plates, paper cups…

An idea you may also want to keep in mind for birthday parties… 😉

So, will you be surrendering to rainbow crepes?

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